perjantai 18. lokakuuta 2013

Cross Season Halfway House

The cross season has reached the halfway house here in the heart of the continent and it's time to reflect the first 4 races. I continue to suck more and more every year, so at least I'm not standing still. The young punks are becoming faster and in combination of me sucking, it's a downward spiral and it's getting steeper all the time. Future of cycling wasn't looking too good here 6-7 years ago, but with the growth of cyclocross and good people in right places, this thing might be going somewhere. Dark Cross ( ) is getting bigger and Now there's even talk about CX nationals in Winnipeg. MB kids are going to CX world cups and other big races and there is a good size group of devo kids coming up. Warms the heart of this old bugger.

Hang on...can't tupe wihut hving a bäää.


Beer also assists to come up with big plans that may or may not realize. But beer also distracts, so I need to go glue my tubular and get to my video games.

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