perjantai 14. tammikuuta 2011

New Year Old Tricks

Yeah...back at it again. Punishing the trainer, while watching 2006 Ronde, like it was a paying gig. I'm quite certain, that this kind of activities, are best kept in the basement, out of sight of normal pick-up driving sweat pant wearing meat and potatoes type who live next door to me. I've even gone skiing twice as many times as last winter so I'm getting to the point were I can actually start skiing.

Or maybe I just think that I'm doing something. Dicking around couple of days a week hardly counts as training. I should put in solid 5 day training weeks pretty much every week, but the winter funk is also getting closer and that means that 2 days a week would be a good week. The girth of my well fed body suggests that more would be better. Maybe I do need the noodling-around-flailing-my-legs-for-hours-on-end type of training just to keep me away from the fridge. This would be all good and well, but this sort of rides here in the prairies would be close to DIY lobotomy due to somewhat featureless landscape.

Anyhow, I got two training sessions in this weekend because our Saturday night plan fell through and I did not have a hangover on Sunday. When you get a chance to go out once every frickin 6 months without the guaranteed 7 AM wake-up, missed training session would be a small price to pay for an angry hangover.

I'm using GC now that I'm cool member of the Apple cult, but below is my Saturday's ride. Sunday's ride looks like a copy of this, but I managed to spend bit more time on the trainer.

The reason for a slow start was my plan to try to put in a solid 60 min interval, but I chickened out after 15 minutes.