lauantai 29. syyskuuta 2012

CX Season in Full Swing

The Dark Cross update is still in the works, so I'll just fast forward to this weekend and race #3.

If first two races were new additions to MB calendar, today's Mennocross ( is more of a classic. Venue is familiar Mennonite University and this year the course was much dryer than ever before. The Dark Side race course crew had brewed up a nasty leg breaker with a new stair run up on the bunker and of course the Flyover. They also ordered a +27 day for this race, which was not cool in any way. I had to wear the brand new sausage suit, so the fat was definitely crying under the late September sun. The race itself started fastish thanks to yours truly, trying to establish a lead group and help Cricket get there without burning too many matches. Then I basically blew a gasket and dropped to 8-10 spot for a lap or two and was thinking about calling it a day. I started recovering though and clawing my way back towards the lead. At the end I lost the 3rd spot by two bike lengths. I had no intentions of going that hard pre-race, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Cricket made it look easy and even crashed once on his way to top podium spot, probably for show.

Good times let me tell you!

lauantai 15. syyskuuta 2012

Dark Cross 2012

It's been some time since the last time, but it's like riding a bike...right?

Dark Cross took place tonight. It was bleeping awesome, even if I sucked balls big time. Thank you for all those in attendance and let's one up this one next year.

I'll come up with something better soon.