sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2011

End of October 'cross Report

"Something, something, something, Dark Side", Emperor in Family Guy season eight finale.

This is a suiting quote from a real world person, as I am starting to feel the Dark Side take over. I have been trying to fight it, but resistance appears to be futile. I have been like a Luke Skywalker fighting it, but somehow a gnawing doubt has been chewing my guts, as I've probably deep down known, that ties to the Dark Side have always been there. It was probably the Dark Side today that set the crosshairs at that young Boy Machine's wheel. Or maybe it was the highly illegal barley beverage hand up that gave that extra umph. I am little bit afraid of what will happen once I don the black and red uniform of the Dark Side. Maybe it's more like returning home.

To clarify, Fort Garry Bike Club a.k.a. Dark Side, has accepted my membership application and only the formalities, such as Tuesday Night Ride, remain. These guys do races (race and organize) and that's kind of what I'm looking for.

But back to today's race. I finally got my garage eavesthroughs finished this morning, so winter can come now, and since I'm not sick anymore, I can do some racing. The Halloween at the Harbor changed to Halloween at the Camp because City of Winnipeg continues on its selected path of making small scale, none money making, amateur sport events (which has and is producing Olympians who 'peggers can adore again next summer) increasingly difficult within the city. Only downside of this change was a longer drive for organizers, racers and spectators, but otherwise I think this new venue was excellent.

I think some 25 riders showed up for A race and young Chris and Dylan took the lead from the gun gapping the rest of the field by a narrowish margin. Second spot changed hands for a while but the Juggernaut Chris kept hammering away. It wasn't really looking too good as Chris seemed to be riding away. I really don't have the legs to race at the moment, but had to do something. The only problem was that Chris was way too strong on the fast part and I couldn't catch him in the technical section. I was probably 4-5 bike lengths back heading to the drag strip on the last lap, but couldn't close the gap to Chris. Daniel Enns came in third, Tristan was the fourth to cross the line and JP came in fifth. Good race all in all as it's not like the bunch would explode from the start, now there's actually some racing going on.

Good times and next weekend it's the provincials followe by MN state champs and then it's winter, skiing and such.

lauantai 22. lokakuuta 2011


No real updates, but I added a small cross frame on For Sale page and PT wheelset can be had for good price.

Race tomorrow after being sick for 2 weeks. I'm expecting to do awesome tomorrow.