lauantai 21. huhtikuuta 2012

Racy Races

Time to pin the numbers again after skipping the first start of the season this morning at bleeping 7:30 AM. There's nothing like TTing in sub zero temps. I am trying a new warm-up for the afternoon start called concrete demolition. Large sledgehammer and hauling chunks of conrete are the core parts of this new method.

I did receive my license just yesterday and noticed that it didn't go quite as planned because there was no option for UCI category in online registration, but the license of course needs to list a UCI cat. So my UCI cat says elite instead of old fart, that can pick and choose in which cat to race. Doesn't really matter, as my racing plans will probably fall through again this summer.

I was looking at some training camp options this spring. Those who do stuff such as training around here travel down to Tucson. Apparently they really like it there, but based on the photos it looks like Spain off the coast, so not really that appealing option. The flights are also bit pricey at $800-900. Other option I was looking at was a camp in Mallorca, flights are same price or even cheaper, hotels are cheaper and lets face it, the island is almost as good as it gets for road riding. The downside of Spain is the long flight and jetlag. I need to put some more thought to this for next spring. Too bad any option costs an arm and leg when you live in Winnipeg.

Any jobs open in Holland or Belgium? Riding is not too bad all year round and flights to Mallorca or Italy cost next to nothing.

 That was a productive day. First this in the morning...

 And then this in the afternoon...

perjantai 6. huhtikuuta 2012

Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er 3

As the years pass, riding gets less epic and bikes get more expensive (sometimes nicer). When the riding is something not to tell kids about, one needs to talk about bikes. My latest addition is a Cannondale big wheel. Not much to say yet...except that I don't like all the adapters for brakes and all the white paint hurts my eyes. And it needs to loose the tubes. Test riding this weekend in the bush, so we'll see how it runs.

Took the bike for a first real ride.