perjantai 17. helmikuuta 2012

I Bought a Bike

Like me buying bike related stuff is any sort of news, but I had to get myself a new single speed/fixie/beater frameset because my old whips both have broken forks (riding a bike with a broken fork is no good). I got some quotes for a new fork, but then stumbled upon a Vuelta single speed frameset (frame/fork/seatpost) on Nashbar for very reasonable $69.99 price. I kind of had to pull the trigger on that one. Should have held off though because there's further -15% off on Monday for Presidents Day sale. Oh well, such is online bike geek shopper's life...plowing through the snow from one "could have had it cheaper" to another "oh darn, they sell it for 5% less in Attila Bike Shop in Ulaanbaatar" (shout out to the reader in Mongolia! I'll write more about MB triathlon come summer).

But it's long weekend and heading to Canadian hinterlands to hopefully ski/snowshoe tons. Keep an eye on this space for EPIC!!11! reports.

sunnuntai 12. helmikuuta 2012

Manitoba, Winter Wonderland

Back in the Winnipeg, waah waah waaaah! Wouldn't be that bad if we had even a little bit more snow because the temperatures are pretty mild. All I can hope for is an early spring. How awesome would it be to have no snow and +10-15 at least for the Easter weekend?

Anyways. Since there is no snow in Winnipeg, I had to go look for some, and I found snow at Falcon Lake. I was told that Grand Beach has some snow as well, but I prefer Falcon because it seems to be bit hillier. Falcon trails are in excellent condition considering last Sunday was +7 and sunny. High Lake "portages" are bit rough, but otherwise trails are in good condition. 10-15 cm of snow would help though, but there's no snow in the forecast. I was kind of surprised to be almost the only skier our there. I saw only two other skiers out there.

I also spotted an awesome looking trails groomed on the south shore of the Falcon Lake. I suppose this was Spur Trail that connects to South Whiteshell trail and is part of Trans Canada Trail. I would like to know how much of this network is groomed in the winter as internet is doing good job hiding the information. It looks like there's really no trail between Falcon Lake and Kenora.

And while I'm on topic. My cross bike is for sale again and this time for reals as I think I may have time to look for a new bike for next 'cross season. Also my Spec Stumjumper HT is for sale. Check the For Sale for details.