torstai 20. joulukuuta 2012

C'est Fantastique

As a follow-up on a previous post. Them old farts have some fast in their blood.

Needless to say that my riding or any sport activity for that matter has been minimal recently.

Quand Ari rencontre la nouvelle Aston by GQFrance

sunnuntai 2. joulukuuta 2012


The word epic gets tossed around lot nowadays on blog posts, tweets and other forums, where all kinds of self-lovers like to tell the world what they have or haven't done or thought about doing recently. Epic is often used as an adjective to describe a bike ride. However, quite often a ride is referred to as an epic ride before it has even happened. This is like predicting some completely unpredictable future event and while at it, I would like to have next weekend's lotto numbers. In my opinion you can't predict epic, plan epic or make epic. You can definitely choose actions that are known to be favorable in creating circumstances for epic ride, such as riding 200 km, but just riding 200 km doesn't mean that it's epic. If it's something that you can potentially replicate every weekend, it most likely is not epic. Epic ride can also happen completely unexpectedly in most unfavorable circumstances. In my books epic is not easy, safe and/or always fun.

I will go for an epic ski in a bit after Melissa comes home from her epic run. Just kidding, for me an epic ride is like fine wine, making of it is kinda messy and not really that much fun, but it does get better as time passes and eventually you actually think that you enjoy it. I've never puked or have eaten frozen apples during or have eaten strawberry jam with a spoon after making wine though, but all of the above have happened during or after a ride that may be called epic. I'm getting older though and know when to stop before things get too epic.