sunnuntai 8. syyskuuta 2013

Dark Cross and DXover

It was Christmas in September again last night. Dark Cross 2013 did good job in fine art of one uppery with fireworks, fire dancers, the band Crooked Brothers, DJs and awesome crowd, volunteers and racers. Comments were made that only thing Cross Vegas has over Dark Cross is more spectators...I like to think it's quality over quantity though.

The racing was good, more racers than before and weather was perfect. The young kids are becoming faster every year and have great attitude. DRR took the podium at womens race and at mens race Cricket lost his second spot on the last lap, but managed to take third. I'm sure others have more detailed race reports coming up.

But guess who came home with us from the Red River Co-op Speedway?

Got help painting the house


Then we barbequed some burgers.


And of course we had some beverages, the hipster kind.

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