sunnuntai 7. lokakuuta 2012

First Snow, Beach Cross

+30 last weekend and +5 with snow on the ground this weekend. Such is October in Manitoba. Cross races also changed from dry powdery conditions to mud. As little that I like watering the race courses, I don't actually mind when mother nature decides that it's time to race in snow, rain or mud.

Most of the regulars were there and previous races had "prepared" the course for A start. I didn't feel too awesome before the start so I wanted to start easy. That plan soon failed and I ended up starting bit too hard. I ended up yo-yoing for the first 30 min or so before I had figured out the course and recovered a bit again. Found myself in second spot towards the end and then Dan Morwood had some mechanical trouble and I took the lead with two to go. So for the last two laps I had to keep an eye on charging Don, but managed to hold the gap.

It was a nice race and especially the run up kicks butt.

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