maanantai 1. lokakuuta 2012

Now Something Completely Different

OK...This is quite different with a strong red neck tone. But what are you supposed to do when, as a young lad, you get dragged into dark wilderness, in pissing rain. All you have to eat are cheapest barbeque sausages (if you're lucky they're actually barbequed) and all you have to drink is Keltainen Jaffa. The co-convictees are extremely hammered older men who have escaped their blue collar occupations for the weekend. You're almost certain of your untimely death, you're freezing and a healthy snot is hanging off your nose. Then you start to hear the and you're not quite certain what it is. Then it gets louder and the passed out guy in a patio chair next to you comes back to life, but you can't quite understand what language he is speaking. Then it starts to get louder...BAAARGH!! BAM BAM.....BAAAA..BAAAA..BAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH...BA...BA...BA...BAAAA....Then it gets fricking massive noise, filling the entire forest with roar and exhaust backfire noise. Then you see the car appear around the corner and your ears feel like bleeding and the car looks like it will take off onto its course on the orbit any second. This keeps going for the next 10 minutes until it's time to start the trek back towards the Opel Kadett that is parked at least 50 km away and you know that you won't be able to make it back alive. It sucked so bad, but you had asked and begged and begged some more to go so you suck it up and do the hike in you're wet rubber boots. You don't know it at that time, but you're scarred for life and there is no known cure for the will probably remember this the day you die.

Don't believe me? Well see for yourself. You don't see any crashes in this video, because "these guys have massive balls of cast iron that keep the center of gravity so low that these cars cannot be flipped".

Agent Smith in the black helicopter took down the first video, but luckily the geeks are awake. I feel quite a redneck right now....


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  1. I salute for the co-drivers of that era! And I´m not so sure, which were the craziest: drivers or the spectators. My favourite driver was Henry Toivonen, r.i.p...

  2. Funny timing behind this post, I just had someone send me this link, beautifully shot and really a testament to the skill these drivers have:

  3. My Father-In-Law went golfing this sunday and happened to tee off with a gentleman from Holland who is travelling across Canada in his motor home, stopping when he feels like it. Turns out he is a Pro Rally driver back in Europe... probably one of these massive-balls men... apparently he drives for Porsche. His rally car of choice is a 1986 carerra 911- modified of course. Def. some interesting stories there!

  4. Sounds like historic class rally.

    600hp or more on gravel/dirt controlled with 80's technology is still quite insane.