sunnuntai 14. lokakuuta 2012

Altona, The Jewel of The South, But Not Too South

It's like being a kid in a candy shop, on Christmas, with Mickey Mouse. Altona Southern Cross is just a big kid version for old dudes who like to inflict discomfort on themselves. OK, there are bunch of young lads who appear to have good time inflicting discomfort on old dudes as well.

It's always a spectacle in Altona and this year was no different. 233 racers and the prize ceremony at the curling club equals good times. The attitude towards sports seems to be completely different from Winnipeg and the town actually welcomes bike races and racers. In some places, actually engaging in sporting activities is considered a good thing, and in others it's more about watching others perform sporting activities.

Anyway, the racing was good, as always. Didn't really feel too too awesome, which has been the theme lately, but managed to hang in there and didn't lose too much to Chris "the wunderkind" Prendergast. Some snow would have helped the old legs, but no luck this time. Dave C was up there for a while, but got gapped in the sand I guess. The young guys are quite fast, which is good for the sport.

Altona also has its own version of Roubaix velodrome showers. But the recovery nutrition is very familiar, maybe too familiar...

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