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Menno Cross 2010

So when Melissa comes home from work at 1:30, and asks if the race is today or tomorrow, and I'm like "ummm...tomorrow", it's kind of not good thing because the race in question was today and my start was at 2:30. Any who I made it to the race in time and got tools to tighten my cleat (thanks Gary) and rolled to the start line just in time for start. Not pre-riding the race course was probably for the best.

Blogger decided to crap on my report so this would be it for now. No time to re-type everything. Thanks Blogger!


I didn't have time to see the B race, huge as last weekend, that destroyed the race course for us. I was expecting to see Daniel and Murray there, but neither showed up.

So I got to CMU, Canadian Mennonite University or something, 10 minutes before the start. Got tools to tighten my cleat from Gary, thanks Gary, and rolled to the start where the other appeared to be lined up already. Didn't pre-ride the course and that was probably for the best, might have chickened out otherwise. I took the start easy, because I figured, that there was lots of wrong was I. Once we left the short gravel start, I sunk in the mud while Paul and the others disappeared into the horizon. To make things worse, my cleat came loose on second lap and I had to stop at my car to fix the cleat. Once I got rolling again, I was in last spot, 30 seconds behind the next rider. So yeah...didn't look too good. Lap after lap went by, I crashed every now and then, but it was pretty good. Two laps to go, an evil stick hiding in the mud, decided to hop up and destroy my rear derailleur. Quick and brutal repair operation got me going on single speed and I finished my race. These muddy races are pretty eventful for me.

It was good times regardless and I must have had good times because I'm smiling in most of the photos. Race was good but pretty nasty slog fest. How nice would it be to have a mechanic handing clean bikes every lap and have gears, brakes and other not cool or trendy or HC or credible features on your bike. Post-race food was again a nice extra.

I'll say one more thing. There will be mud this season.

More can be found here here here and here with results.

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