torstai 7. lokakuuta 2010

Decision Decisions...

OK...So I got my arse handed over to me for the second weekend in a row. Something must be done about this since I heard that there is actually some prices available for the fastest MB cross cup racer. I was prepared for the usual draw price action and as we all very well know, I've used all my luck already and from now on need to resort to skill. Or skill that I should have accumulated over the years of abusing the luck. I have heard from very reliable source (Google) that riding your bike may actually improve your ability to ride a bike, hence I will give this a try. I have been off the bike for good three weeks except the 'cross races and that may very well play a bit of a minor role in my resent state of inferiority.

Otherwise things are going pretty good. I've been too busy art work to have too many lunch breaks so I've managed to keep the weight somewhat reasonable. Leaving home at 7 AM and getting back home after 6 PM, with the darkness agonizingly inching closer and closer at both ends, does not make things easier. I'm in no rush going into the pain cave to torture myself, but then again, those blood thirsty pick-ups on Henderson are pretty scary as well.

I have this strange feeling, that Ajokoira (the hound? It just does not translate) may be packing his bags in Finland and planning a trip to Winnipeg. Ajokoira does not have too many riding buddies in Finland after much of the original posse has hung up their wheels at least for now.

And I got some goodies from the old country. Some dutch Edam, Brugse Zot and this delicious stuff called speculoos spread. This north American food just is not good for me.

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