tiistai 21. syyskuuta 2010

Wildwood Recap

Time for a recap, it was pretty awesome...even spectacular, to see so many riders out for the 'cross season opener. I think it was 65 licensed riders which is more than I'm used to seeing at these MB races. On top of this there were some new novice talent and kids making it 80 in total.

The race course was pretty much the same than before with some modifications. The jump was bit of an extra and at least that helped people take pretty cool photos. And the most spectacular crash was thanks to the jump as well...hope you're OK Dave.

Racing itself...B start was massive. I followed the group on the first lap and couldn't see the lead rider on the first straight. I don't think that I've seen a start of 40+ riders in Manitoba 'cross ever before. To me it appeared that people had good times.

A start was rather large as well with 25 riders. A race was big enough to actually create some traffic at the first hill making the hill a run up. The course was fast and fun, and even those with mechanical issues, seemed not too disgruntled.

Wildwood race results can be found on MB Cycling website

Unfortunately I have no photos to show because I was busy setting up the race course, riding with the kids race and tearing down all the tape. It was an excellent start of the 'cross season though and by far the best Wildwood race I've organized so far.

Next weekend's Menno Cross will certainly one up Wildwood. I wouldn't be surprised to see over 100 riders there. The weather is supposed to be very nice and the FGBC guys are/have been working hard to put together a great event. Poster below and check out the website mennocross.ca

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