perjantai 6. marraskuuta 2009

Cyclocross World Cup #3, Nommay, France

Just a quick one this weekend. 5 month old little girl is getting sick and clearly uncomfortable and is vocally very clear about that. This in turn stresses her mom. Since the cat is freaking out already I have three distressed women in the house so my attention is distracted.

Niels Albert has won the two previous rounds of WC and Nys may have his chance to start his comeback in muddy Nommay. Last year it was Nys who was dominant until Nommay but it was Boom who took the victory in the mud. Stybar is again one of the favorites and at least I hope he would be gaining form with Nys. Battle between Albert, Nys and Stybar would be the better than any 'cross fan could hope for.

The Nommay WC live video should be found right here. If this doesn't work, I'm trying to be awake in time to find another link if this doesn't work.

And of course the live video is geo-restricted. I haven't been able to find a link that would work in Canada.

Here in MB we have the last cyclocross race of the year this sunday as well. Report of this race is coming later.

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