maanantai 2. marraskuuta 2009

Manitoba Cyclocross Provincials

Yesterday there was also a big race in addition to Superprestige. That is Manitoba Cyclocross Provincials at the Woodhaven Park. The weather was nice and miserable, the course was nasty and riders were ready for a fight. Olympia guys had done grea job with the race course, the course even used a hockey rink.

I missed the race by running late all day but I made it there to watch the race. I tried to take photos of the A start, but dim light and my pocket camera didn't really work too well together.

A start saw Dylan, Paul, Tristan and Craig ride clear of everyone else. Craig couldn't stay with the three others and got gapped maybe 20 minutes in to the race. Dylan started the attacks when it was couple of laps to go but suffered a broken chain and had to finish the race running. Paul attacked Tristan on the last lap and took the victory with a large margin. Tristan held his second place and Craig took over Dylan on the last lap for third spot.

Some crappy pictures...

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