lauantai 26. syyskuuta 2009

Cycling Worlds, Mendrisio, Switzerland

First road races at 2009 worlds. You can watch the racing live at NOS and then clicking "Naar de livestream". Universalsport will have some sort of a broadcast on Sunday during the Elite race. Then there are the usual suspects on but the best way to get up to date links is to simply go to and use their list of links.

The race course sure looks hard but not as dangerous as many seemed to think before the races. I need to get back to the race and get ready for Manitoba Cyclocross #3 today.

The main bunch is reeling the early breakaway of five in at the moment. Russian rider bridged to the break, but I think he's not horsepower enough to keep the break from getting caught. Canadian David Veilleux did great job, but it's just not enough today. We'll see what kind of barrage of attacks follows in the finale. U23 is much better show than Elite race.

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