lauantai 19. syyskuuta 2009

Cyclocross #2

Today it was the second race of the Manitoba Cyclocross series and I was up as an organizer. The venue was new at the Kings park just next to U of M so I didn't really have that detailed plan for the race course. After setting up the course (running out of some supplies) we came up with this Apparently not even close to 2,5km but a good mix of grass, pavement, mud and tricky sections. I wanted to make a race course that wouldn't be one of those roadie courses and I think I did ok because the course didn't suit me at all.

And I got my sweet Operación Muerto T-shirt. Muerto stands for Manitoba Ultra-Endurance Racing (and talking) Organization.

Now I'm pretty dead so I might do the results tomorrow. 10 hours under the sun in +30 heat knocks you out pretty good.

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