perjantai 3. heinäkuuta 2009

Team Woodcock Riders Rule Canadian Nationals

Team Woodcock riders are ruling the Canadian Nationals.

Yesterday Karlee Gendron won bronze in a very close junior women ITT and today Marian won gold in Masters 50+ road race.

Karlee won the bronze and at least I'm surprised because I always considered her as a road mass start rider rather than ITT machine. This promises good for the road race for her and will definitely help with getting a spot for worlds. Good to see that she was able to carry her speed skating power over to cycling. Congratulations Karlee.

Marian has been telling everybody for at least a month, that he will win the nationals...I guess he eventually started to believe this himself as well. Marian has been riding strong for the past weeks and it was clear, that if he makes it to the finishing straight, he was going to take the gold. Second place finisher and brand new ITT national champ, Charlie Squires supposedly tried to bump Marian a little in the sprint, but apparently he didn't know Marian too well and tried to protest after Marian answered his bumping.

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