lauantai 4. heinäkuuta 2009

Reach the Beach Tomorrow

So tomorrow I will be doing the infamous Reach the Beach MTB race. Race starts from Beausejour and heads north to Grand Beach and the distance is roughly 100km. Due to heavy downpour a week ago, the swamp section (in Grand Beach Provincial Park?) had to be taken out of the race so there is bit more road than normally. Not that I know how this race is normally because this is my first time.

Should be good training and hopefully a good race too. Race course follows the route on this map . It's flat but I think that the distance will do the trick for most guys. This is good way of kinda testing how my legs work in longer MTB races.

And I also did very MTB thing and got myself a Camelback so that I can carry enough water tomorrow. Now I just need to train how to drink out of that thing. Maybe I should fill it with beer for training purposes.

Actually I just found this cool tool. This program will translate google maps data to GPX so you can use the data on your GPS device. Need to see how this works with my iPhone.

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