perjantai 2. syyskuuta 2011

What's Up Lately

It's been really quiet lately. Reason #1 being the lack of racing and not even paying attention to race calendar and reason #2 is my man project of 2011, that being the new garage. Then the cover all reason of laziness takes care of the rest. But at least we have some covered space to park our car this winter and store all the crap we have accumulated. And I have my very first man project under my belt.

Cross season is closing up on me and I have not touched my bike since crit provincials. Luckily there's a good training opportunity at provincial road race tomorrow and I'll get to take my new bike to a race. Only thing about cross is that there are some grand plans about watering the race courses and I really can't support that sort of assery. If it rains it will be wet and if it does not rain it will not be as wet as in the rain, but watering the race courses is something else. Hells yes I will be doing these races and there is a chance that there will be mud induced damage, but I would rather not run the water pumps to soak the course just because it's somehow more cross and desirable. Most of us pay this hobby out of our own pocket and increasing the wear and tear of the equipment just does not make any sense to me.

But then some awesome photos.

Yes it looks like a dollhouse and yes I may have been behind the wheel of the beast on the background.

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