sunnuntai 11. syyskuuta 2011

Cross is Upon Us

Cyclocross is not a summer sport. 60 minute race in +30 degree heat with nothing to drink is not cool...or almost nothing as the drip of water, I had in the bottle in my jersey pocket, lasted all 15 minutes. It should be like riding a bike though and I really hope to figure this thing out by next weekend. As we all know, next weekend is the second biggest weekend of 'cross, right after world champs, and that would of course be the Wallace+Wallace Dark Cross at the Red River Co-Op Speedway. That's pretty much the biggest social event in Manitoba, so you just have to be there. I heard the Winnipeg Jets will be at the beer garden heckling the racers. But in all seriousness, it is a pretty impressive set-up here in Manitoba and 'cross is becoming quite the event here.

I remember doing the races couple of years ago and there were at best 3-4 competitive guys out there. Now it's more like fields of 25 riders with 10 fast guys and the lead may lap 3-5 riders towards the end of the race. Or B race with +50 riders and fastest guys being ready to do A race.

This is the cycling season here in MB.

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