perjantai 5. elokuuta 2011

Starting Up the Weekend

Bit off topic this time fellas. It's Folklorama in Winnipeg, so LC carries more foreign beer than usual and I got my hands on some Delirium Tremens and other fine brews of the old country. Also went to Scandinavian Pavillion to hang out with my fellow norwads. To cap this evening, I logged on to Beatport to sample the latest summer tunes. So yeah, off topic.

But somewhat on topic. FGBC is getting their ducks in line for the upcoming 'cross season. First off will be the Darkcross at Redriver Co-Op Speedway on September 17, and I think this will be something quite fantastic...even mind blasting. It's a Saturday night, with beer garden and live music out on the prairie, so should be good times. It's like night out in the city but you wont need a shower after as bad.

Pretty good tunes they have out there. Would the wifey be upset if I bought $200 worth of mp3...and Allen & Heath mixer, and a pair of CDJ2000's? Probably not, right?

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