tiistai 2. elokuuta 2011

Beat Up...Bad

So that was a effin' August long weekend. I got immersed in Canadianism so deep that even the beer was Labatt's Blue. Any further than that, and it would have been Labatt's Light and that's teetering on the fence between Canadian and US culture. But the weekend was hard for me since, as many may know, I'm not 20 anymore. I did some (too much) swimming, rock jumping, tubing, drinking beer, cycling, walking, some more swimming and trap shooting. Of course all the activities were executed under scorching sun. All these together messed me up bad. Also...a good wake-up call that "hey buddy...you must do more than just ski and ride your bike!" I spend most of my waking hours sitting on my ass and that's not good for me and the "easy" exercises are not enough to compensate.

But yeah. Cycling in NW Ontario is quite nice. MTB or CX bike would be the best option for all the gravel roads to get more hills into your ride, but even on the road, it appeared to be +200m of climbing per hour. Sure this is not very much when compared to hilly terrain, but compared to Winnipeg, this is hilly. More of this in 2 weeks when I have my 1 week of 2011 holidays. I know it's perverse to not have holidays, but can't really get picky when you're 30 and starting your career.

Tried to snap a photo of the bear #3 of this summer, but the bear was too fast and bears #4, #5 and #6 were having a lunch at the landfill and I didn't feel like going for photos. I haven't seen any bears in Canada before this summer and now I'm at #6.

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  1. Awesome, where were you at?

  2. did you get a "lawn-chair" sunburn? Caused by intense beer-drinking in the sun, leaving red shoulders and a white back... now that's Canadianism!

  3. And this is how often I check my blog.

    We were in Vermilion Bay, ON. Good place for long weekends.