lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2011

Training, Crashes and Waiting for the Summer.

I did something that I have not done for very long time. I went out for an endurance ride and actually managed to keep riding for 3 hours. It was actually fun to just cruise around and not torture myself. This kind of training is something that many consider to be the cornerstone of cycling training, and maybe it is. Pros are that this is very easy and kind of relaxing and these are good for burning calories (or joules). Cons are that this takes lots of time. Doing these in Manitoba suck big time though because you need to ride 100 km or so and that's pretty much the entire paved road network in this province. Maybe I should try long rides on a MTB, but I don't have a powermeter on my MTB, and if you can't record your ride properly, it doesn't actually happen.

There were some races too. Actually three (3) races in a week here in Manitoba and all of them were within 30 min drive from my house. This is rather exceptional. I wanna say that I sucked big time, but I think the youngsters are actually getting fast and staying upright on their bikes. I think some of these kids would do pretty well in cycling, or at least should try their hand in this game, but it might be kinda hard, because the path of a Canadian kid goes from high school to university to marriage/work to grave, and there's roughly 2 weeks in between each stage of what may be called life. I'm not even shitting you too much here. There is some effort made by CCA to offer some sort of a program to these kids, and some seem to think that it's the best thing since sliced bread. I have my opinion about this, but I think, I better keep it to myself.

There was also a crash at the race on Sunday. Something like a front wheel and a rear derailleur got broken, so retail value of $2,300 down the drain right there plus some broken bones. The "funny" thing is that all this happened some 300 meters into the race. Sure it was a really short race, but I would have held something back.

My plan is to go and do the two geezer races in Minneapolis next weekend and go back to work super tired on Monday after. If the races are fast and if I do good there, I may think about flying to Toronto for June 26th, but I think that's a really long shot. I would rather pack the famiglia in a plane and fly to the old country.

And I still have few "thoughtfull" blog post drafts in the works. I need to feed my though with few more alcoholic beverages to finish these posts.

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