perjantai 13. toukokuuta 2011

MTB This Weekend

I think it snowed today. It's May 13th. Nuf said?

I'm planning to do the MTB race this weekend, if I can get myself to install a new rear derailleur cable on my MTB. It's the Grand Beach race so it will be sand and singletrack. Or I have not registered yet so it's not 100% certain. There is a hockey worlds final between Finland and Sweden, the classic between Uggly Duckling and Gladstone Gander. Remembering the -95 battle, like it happened 16 years ago, there might be too much at stake for me to miss the game. North American readers may not be aware, but there is actually ice hockey world championships tournament going on right's where the Stanley Cup losers go before hitting the country club bar. But yeah, I may be doing the MTB race on Sunday.

On a different note. As we all know, there was a huge tragedy in the Giro this week. The death of Wouter Weylandt's appeared to hit home for more people than Casartelli's or Kivilev's deaths. Maybe this is due to more extensive media coverage or maybe because safety is in the spotlight on all walks of life. Many comments were about the course being too dangerous and blaming the organizer for putting the racers in harms way to gain more publicity in competition with the almighty Tour. The accident happened on a closed road. Usually cyclists ride that road with normal traffic. The risks are always there so be safe guys and gals.

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