torstai 1. huhtikuuta 2010

How to Come Back From Sickness

Well...that subject could/should have a question mark on it.

It got sick with strep throat about two weeks ago. Went to see a doctor and got some antibiotics to deal with that. Now the frickin' sickness is working its way to my sinuses. So I'm feeling rather miserable, it's almost start of my season, last two weeks have been a write off when it comes to training, work is getting busier. I sure hope that I won't get sinus infection as a sequel. Good thing is that the main goal is still 3 months away.

But how to come back from such a setback? I don't know so I'm open to suggestions. I've been doing some easy rides this week kinda trying if that would help, but no real improvement so far. Next thing I'll try my good friend Sailor Jerry. Is there anything spiced rum wouldn't heal? But yeah...should I just wait and rest or start to train a little bit? Tomorrow is supposed to be a rain day (painting day) and maybe giving it a go in the basement staring at the back water valve because the river is high and sewer system might have some trouble handling everything. Water freaks me out... You home owners may know what I'm talking about. And on Sunday, I will be watching De Ronde.

I think I just need to go back 2-4 weeks with my plan and keep doing whatever it was I was doing at the beginning of March. Good thing is that I will do it outdoors and extra time will maybe help me catch up.

Ronde van Vlaanderen, my favorite classic is on Sunday and I have been waiting for this. It's the first of the northern monuments and by far the most interesting race at least in my opinion. I think it will be between Fabian, Flecha, Boonen, Devolder, Gilbert, Breschel and...well some surprise guys like Hushovd and Langeveld. Liquigas, Astana and BMC may have some cards to play, but we'll see about that.

When it comes to really important racing, there is a super tough race coming up on April 11th. The big one...It's the Red River Racing's first annual(?) spring race. I refuse to use the term classic since inaugural race has hard time being considered a classic, but I may need to take that one back. Next one after that will be Bruxelles Spring Classic with steep (up to 18%) gravel road climbs. These two races should be a good warm-up to racing season. Or maybe these will be the toughest races of the Manitoba season, we'll see. Not too many details out yet.

I need to try and update more often, but working on computer and combing through contract jargon at work, I don't always feel like updating my blog after work. I need to train every now and then as well.

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