sunnuntai 21. maaliskuuta 2010

Another Weekend of Spring

Well I guess T.I.W (This Is Winnipeg). Sub-zero temperatures on Friday and +5 on Saturday and temp is rising again today. Waiting till noon before heading out to avoid the chilliness. Had a surprisingly good ride yesterday, kinda one of those "no chain days", and was able to hit it really hard for 2 x 30'. This was surprising because I've felt bit off this week and went to a social on Friday night. Sometimes slight hangover boosts the fuel tank just right, but that's as hard to do as trying to fix diarrhea by farting.

Went to scout the Bird's Hell race course and it appears that park people decided to place huge rocks in two spots, I guess to prevent red necks from ripping up and down the bike path in their pick-ups, but I need to ask those to be removed at least for one day or I need to come up with plan B. The originally planned course is as close to those Belgian races as possible here in Manitoba, no bunch sprints on that course.

Need to start building my TT bike as well. Or just the bar end shifters and brake levers. Just some Shimano friction bar end shiters paired up with SRAM brake levers. Should be pretty good. Then need to keep an eye out for UCI legal bar combo. Those bastards just make the life difficult for those who actually need to buy their own equipment. Sucks c**k out of a car door to spend hundreds or even thousands of $/€ and find out after couple of months that you are not allowed to use that widget in a race.

I'm also looking for a new pair of wheels. Need to be carbon, tubular, 50mm or taller and good quality that will last more than first pot hole. I'll lace the rear on to my 24h PT hub so rear hub doesn't add any value in this case. FFWD and Edge are the strongest candidates at the moment, mainly because rims are available separately and I wouldn't need to buy 24h rear hub in the complete wheel.

But off to the roads I go. Remember to stretch.

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