maanantai 23. marraskuuta 2009

Missed weekend

Sorry for the missed weekend. Being sick for weeks on end and finally trying to get out for a ride in November in +13 and sunny weather kinda threw me off. The ride was followed by club wind-up party at Tim and Arlene's so that ruined my Sunday. I got up to watch the Hamme-Zogge Superprestige though but that was only because Melissa kicked me and the little lady out of our bedroom. I was couching like a MoFo and little lady just had good time screaming on top of her lungs while wifey tried to have her beauty sleep. Good thing little lady likes to watch cyclocross.

Now we're heading to the weekend of MCA AGM so there will be lots of local cycling politics going on this week and after the Saturday, I will try to step back from all that. I don't mind giving back to cycling, but all the "official" wrestling is not for me, I'd rather stick with organizing races at least for now.

One exciting thing will take place at the AGM though and that is the participation series awards. The awards website can be found here. Over $6000 worth of prizes will be given out at the banquet so it should be good times. Sure the awards won't really challenge the WCW Club awards but I won't complain if I win one of the draw prices. Maybe there will be a prizes based on performance in future?

Next big race will be Koksijde World Cup on November 28th and Gieten Superprestige on November 29th. World Cup will be more difficult to find online, but I will do my best, but the Superprestige can be viewed following the links from Superprestige website. Apparently Superprestige is joining the UCI front with blocking the access to their races because the Hamme-Zogge Superprestige video on Vimeo is private and blocked. Well that didn't last long but I'm sure Nissan is very happy that the race organizer is limiting the visibility of their brand by blocking the little guys from showing their video material. Oh....they do use Vimeo to distribute their funny is this?

Luckily Youtube supports event sponsors by allowing their brand to take advantage of viral marketing. I would assume that event organizers would offer this to their partners but that is beyond my knowledge of marketing I guess.

But Niels Albert might be struggling right now and Stybar and Nys might be striking back. Way to go guys.

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