torstai 8. lokakuuta 2009

Battle of Bourkevale Park

So fourth cyclocross of this season is done. I sucked, or actually my back/ribs still sucked. I started at the back and lost control right at the start and couldn't bridge to Dylan who hammered away at the front. I sucked wheels in a group with Greg, Don and Craig and decided to save what there was to be saved and decided not to be the bastard who sucks wheels all race and beats the group in the sprint. It was a good training though and without the race I wouldn't have ridden at all.

David Lipnowski has some pretty cool pictures. Good photographer makes it look much faster.

On Saturday we will have a classic at the Belgian Club. It will be cold, muddy and miserable, but all the mental and physical wounds will be healed by couple of Duvels after the race. There will be some trials demos and DJ and everything, so it should be good. I hope to do much better than last weekend, but will see...My legs arenot there.

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