perjantai 21. elokuuta 2009

Canada Games

Since Manitoba media has gone to the cottage for the weekend, there are no news coverage of the latest success.

Leah Kirchmann and Karlee Gendron took gold and silver respectively in women's criterium at Canada Games in Summerside, PEI. The race was a track style points race but on a criterium course. Leah took the win with 29 points and Karlee's 15 points were enough for silver medal. Quebec's Karol-Ann Canuel came close to silver medal, but had to settle for bronze with 13 points.

Leah came close to a medal already in women's road race where she finished fourth in the sprint, so gold in criterium was well deserved prize for hard work. Both Leah and Karlee definitely have what it takes to make it even in senior ranks in this hard sport. Strong finishes in road race against semi-pro girls and gold and silver in criterium is a very strong performance.

Hats off I say.

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