sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2012

That Smug Winter Thing

There is no match in smugness to XC skiing. There's a very specific set of rules to the whole thing and I'm not too sure I meet any of these rules. The HC group of XC skiers, also known as norwads, smells the rule breakers from mils (no spelling error here, mil = 11 km) away and do not hesitate to give stink eyes to pariahs. One major mistake is to drive a vehicle other than Subaru or VW. It is also easier to become a mensa member than a norwad, but a good way to get accepted by the community is to use wooden skis, wear wool shirts, carry a backbag (Fjällräven gets extra points) or actually be a real norwegian.

Anyway, I headed into the norwad nest today for my first ski outing. It turns out that I didn't learn to ski over the summer this year either. It was quite a torture fest like the first time often is.

Hopefully the weather cooperates this winter.

Went out for a quick boot with little hoot too and she had learnt some skiing over the summer.

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