lauantai 12. marraskuuta 2011

Heading Into Another One

It's that time of the year again. Snow is staying on the ground, at least in patches, and people do their best not to venture outside. In July it's too hot and in November it's too cold. Go figure.

Canadians are often touted as being very outdoorsy and that wilderness is their backyard. You sure don't see too many canucks out there so I'm not too sure about that whole loving outdoors thing. And who the F#%* dumps their household garbage on their backyard? I don't know where the image is originating, but it doesn't seem to reflect to real life that much.

Or maybe the whole winter/outdoors thing comes from hockey as, supposedly, some still play hockey outdoors in the winter, in Canada. This offers me an excellent transition to another topic.

How many cycling talents never get found because by default they get into hockey and may never make it to even junior hockey, but will not try their luck with any other sport. Making it to junior hockey requires specialization from very young age, and only few make it. This leads to hundreds if not thousands of hockey drop-outs every year. 10% of the drop-outs may be talented in cycling and 10% of these talented guys might be really talented cyclists. Talent scouting is a challenge I suppose.

But anyway. Winter's coming.

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