torstai 21. huhtikuuta 2011


Pretty chilly it was. The mountains of Manitoba were covered in snow and there were tire tracks in the sleet to be ridden. It was like riding a moped or booty call with ugly chick/guy, most of us have done it before, but would rather not do it again.

Unfortunately the biggest hill, le cote du winnipeg jets, was not part of the course due to road closures. The soggy gravel was kinda enough though. Had to ride the cross bike but managed to sneak over the finish line first.

MB Mountains

It wasn't that bad. Less snow than in November when I did my last race of 2010

Jar of gravel trophy. Should have been limestone and mud mixture with some pork poop added

This is the post I tried to do on my phone, but it just didn't work.

Now there's no races in horizon so we'll see what will happen. I'm planning on riding to the cabin tomorrow, but it does look bit wet for longer ride.

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