perjantai 11. maaliskuuta 2011

Spring is Coming and New Bike Stuff

Spring is almost here, or at least just 2-3 blizzards of biblical proportions away. So only couple of short weeks of poor glide and we'll hit 2011/2012 winter. What this means for all us bike dorks is that you really need to get all the gear ready for non-snow season. I've been working hard to spec the new whip for the summer and I think I have everything sorted out. I'm not too sure about the geometry, but it should be OK. Below is the photo of the bike with stock factory spec.

Fully spec'd this whip will have a bell and a basket.

It's surprisingly difficult to find an aesthetically pleasing little kids bike and Specialized doesn't bring this bike to Canada. In words of one LBS "who wants to buy a 200 dollar kids bike?" Well I do, because I'm a tool and I'm in progress of spoiling our little lady. You know that you should start teaching your kid to ride a bike preferably before they can talk so that they can't really express their opinion in the torture your putting them through.

Other than this. Bit of a training break threw a wrench in my finely tuned training machine. This was probably for the best because the walls and ceiling start closing in on you in March after four months of indoor training. It's not that I wouldn't run into some sort of obstacles in February-March as the spring just can't come fast enough, so I don't worry too much about this. And as a training tip, if you miss a week or two or even three of your normal training, you'll probably get this lost time back within couple of weeks after resuming more regular training.

I changed to a new team/club for this year too. I'll be riding with Lifesport, the most polish cycling club in Winnipeg. Daniel also moved over to Lifesport so it will be small team there. Plan is to travel to Minneapolis and/or Wisconsin with these guys to do some weekend racing this year. We'll see what happens with my plans this year. Typically most of my cycling plans get revamped big time during the season and I end up not racing when I'm in some sort of shape. I think I'll skip the Bikes on Broadway because that race is really just an ITT. There's better races in Wisconsin that same weekend and probably in much nicer weather...and I can camouflage this trip to look like IKEA shopping trip ;)

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