maanantai 28. maaliskuuta 2011

The Big Ones

The big spring races are coming with Tour of Flanders or Ronde van Vlaanderen really opening the game. Blogs are blogging and tv is televising about this one and about the next couple of weeks of spring classics. Every self respecting blogger must create new expressions by mixing their respective native languages with dutch. It's big amongst the wannabe tough men of the sport of cycling and frickin' huge in Belgium. There are the talk shows on every night with big name favorites and local hopefuls. Newspaper pages are covered with speculation and interviews, and the crazy cycling fans stalk the stars in rain or shine.

The strong guys are Cancellara, Boonen and Gilbert, with Goss, Flecha, O'Grady and Langeveld as the outside favorites on my list. The weather may play a role, but I think rain would just widen the gap between the strongest and the rest. At the moment Cancellara seems strongest, but I would not count out the others. Lepperd Trek is not that strong team, but O'Grady may turn into a super domestique...or get away from the favorites looking at each other.

It will be a 4,5-5 hour show on Sunday and the biggest question on people's lips is, "where to find a stream that works?". I won't tell you even if I find one, because I don't want you there messing up my stream.

I personally really like riding in Belgium and don't mind the cobbles. Racing is lots of fun if you're in good form, and in my opinion, you haven't really experienced road racing if you haven't raced in Belgium.

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