tiistai 1. helmikuuta 2011

Chasing Legends, or something

I heard that Silver City Polo Park is playing a cycling documentary tomorrow. It's the Chasing Legends clip about HTC-Columbia and 2009 Tour and specifically following Mark Cavendish a.k.a. Boy Racer a.k.a. Cry Boy a.k.a. Manx Missile. If it would be a documentary of an off-season beach holiday of Fabian & Andy, Melissa would probably force me to go, but since in all our bike geekiness we both dislike Mr. Cav, I can avoid this one. I guess Silver City didn't really think about the huge demographic group of 30 year old cyclist Finns living in Winnipeg when picking their feature doc. I may need not to get this on DVD either, for the fear of smashing my TV with a floorpump, since I may have similar allergic reactions to this than I have to Bobke...except the photo where his crashing on cobbles. But have fun if you're going. I will stroke my purist ego by watching 1983 Paris-Roubaix.

And I was watching some early season racing today on a trainer. WTF is wrong with the new jerseys? Have all the teams bought their design services from Rapha?

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  1. Great DVD wasn't only about Cav more about the history of tdf and what it is to suffer in the top tier of cycling.

    To save face & ego. I would watch it but say you didn't....

    Great blog btw