tiistai 19. lokakuuta 2010

Cyclocross GP Weekend Re-cap & Provincials Coming Up

So another weekend is behind us and it turned out to be pretty good one...or actually an excellent weekend with awesome racing and good result for myself. The prices were awesome as well so now I have a super loud Moen bell and a glass suitable for having just two beers.

St. Malo course was nasty with a big run-up and long long looooong sand section on the beach. The fast corners were bit too much for my narrow rims and clinchers that tried to roll of the rims. Next year...build stairs on that run-up, or have two stair run-ups, or some nasty off camber stuff on that bank. The weather was nice, I like the +10 C weather for 'cross especially when it's dry. Next year again and little bit bigger with more people.

The run-up

Southern Cross didn't fail this year either. I missed most of the earlier action because I was running bit late, but it was at least as awesome as always. The course was really long though and I think B-start was doing +10 minute laps. I think we climbed up the hill twice a lap and the ABES guys had arranged a moving barrier in form of a feral cat. The cat wasn't afraid at all. He was more like ready to rip our eyes out than run away. I'm sure Samantha could pwn that kitty though. Well, at the end I was able to fend of Paul's comeback attempt and avoid running into any of the heckling spectators on the hill. Long lap was kinda nice though because there was no lapping of the slower riders. And post-race was as good as always. Special Southern Cross beer, farmer's sausage burgers etc. Maybe kids and B-race should be run at the same time to shorten the schedule a bit?

Photo of the day

But next it's gearing towards the provincials. I'll be organizing that race and I finally confirmed the venue. It will be a good one at Windsor Park Golf Course. I guess it's time to step things up a notch to match the other races. But it will be November 7th at Windsor Park Golf Course. Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. well done sir, well done. was pleased to hear that you made use of the oly gift certificate

  2. That gift certificate didn't really leave me any other options.