perjantai 30. huhtikuuta 2010

Mother's Day Stage Race

It will be a battle of epic proportions!

The second bi-annual (?) Mother's Day Stage Race has been moved closer to the race hungry cyclists of Canada's mid-west. I had to abandon the very co-operative people at Alexander RCMP and move the event to the Birds Hill Park to make the event little bit easier for us organizers and racers as well. Quick scoot to the Park on mother's day will be much easier to justify to the mothers of your family and easier to execute the logistics...Right!? You will be there!

In short it'll be an ITT on May 8th, RR on May 9th, rest day on May 10th and a criterium on May 11th. More details can be found right on this pdf document. There will be some BBQ, bouquets for winners of the RR starts and lots of old school racing.

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