keskiviikko 27. tammikuuta 2010

ISM Adamo Saddle

I just received the new "toy" on Monday. It's a ISM Adamo Racing saddle that is supposed to prevent numbness in man parts. The saddle looks rather exotic or tri or at least not very good, but after hearing only good about this saddle I had to give it a shot. So my Arione had to give way to the new kid at least on a trainer and this Adamo will be my designated TT saddle on my Norco. To make things even better, this saddle is pink. My wife named the saddle "pink taco"...

I'm still adjusting the saddle, but after the first ride it feels rather comfortable and definitely less numbness than with Arione or SLR in trainer use. The saddle feels bit weird because all the weight is on sit bones and the boys are hanging loose. So far I'm quite impressed and it should be even better on TT bike compared to other saddles.

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