perjantai 9. lokakuuta 2009

Belgian Club Classic, Cyclocross #5

So tomorrow the hammer will go down and veri punnitaan like we say in Finland. It's not quite like winter war, but snow flakes keep falling and everything will be frozen come tomorrow morning. It will be a tough, miserable and especially extremely entertaining race. The start at the Belgian Club is always fast and fight for positions is hard in the first lap. I might even take it seriously and bring my spare wheels and trainer out for warm-up.

Olympia guys are stepping the game up quite a bit though with race announcer, DJ and jewellery etc. I was perfectly happy with just the Belgian Club, but this is even better.

And what's even more important for me is that I have no back/rib pain today. I hope the course is slow enough that certain rider on his 29'er won't just disappear into the distance.

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