perjantai 23. lokakuuta 2009

Another weekend of 'cross

So there's another 'cross race coming up this weekend. All the locals should know the most important details already. The race will have some awesome draw prices. Main price will be a complete set of TRP EuroX Magnesium 'cross brakes. Another prices will be jerseys and other clothing. I've been saving my good luck for this race so I hope to be able to write up a test report of the brakes in couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing how the race course will be because Whittier is very challenging place to organize 'cross race at.

And me...I thought that my racing is done for now when I hit the tree last weekend, but maybe getting a good hit on my left side helped to get my right ribs better. Funny how it works. Or then it's even worse...I don't know because I haven't been on my bike since Sunday. Oh well...I won't stress about it.

And on to another subject. I want to congratulate Teemu Viholainen for getting a spot with Johan Bruyneel Cycling Academy. Good to see that Teemu got his form together after injury ridden spring and managed to get the results he needed to get the contract. Also Tommi Martikainen signed a contract with the same team so the team will have two Finns next season. Johan Bruyneel Cycling Academy is formed on foundation of Cycling Center and JBCA has racing team in addition to offering accommodation for American riders who wish to cross the pond to Belgium. I raced at the same races with Cycling Center team couple of years ago. It seems that the team is much stronger now than back in 2005. Link to Cycling Center and JBCA website

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